Incredible! 11 Best Small Microwave Oven Options For 2017

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It’s weird to assume i will remember when microwaves first became widely available.  even as we didn’t get one at once, a lot of my buddies’ parents did buy one.  I thought they had been quite cool.  multiple years later my parents subsequently bought one.  It become no longer a small microwave oven.  It turned into massive.  i used to be really excited to ultimately have a microwave within the house despite the fact that I didn’t use it that lots.

fast forward a group of years and upload getting married plus more than one children and we now have our personal microwave/convection oven in our residence.  We use it pretty a chunk.  It’s clearly reachable that it’s also a convection oven as it serves as a 2nd oven for big dinners (we host dinners fairly often).

Our microwave is wall-mounted so it doesn’t want to be all that small (it isn’t).   but, if we had to buy one for the countertop, I’d honestly choose a greater compact microwave to minimize space.  We don’t use it all that often and while we do, it’s for reheating food for the most element.

every person with a small kitchen that should put a microwave at the counter, will probable want a smaller version.  They do range exceptionally in size; some almost as large as a full oven.  thankfully, there are small options to be had.  You just need to dig around most of the dozens (if no longer hundreds) of microwave ovens you may purchase.

however, let us prevent the time.  We combed via well over one hundred microwaves (all styles of microwaves) for sale and prepare a list of the 17 fine small microwave ovens.

so as for a unit to make the list, it had to be no larger than the following dimensions:

similarly to meeting maximum sizes, it had to have ordinary wonderful purchaser opinions.  In some instances we included specific fashions which can be one-of-a-kind in design and/or features.

top depth: 13.62 inches toes.: 0 Wattage: seven-hundred

Small green retro microwave by DaewooThis fashion isn’t for every kitchen, however when you have a unfashionable layout including mid-century or vintage factors on your kitchen, this microwave is ideal.

The consumer remarks for this unit is very, excellent, that is cool for something that’s additionally aesthetically designed.  frequently novel design doesn’t bring about a fine product, but that’s not the case right here.

The turntable is 10″ in diameter, that is big enough for maximum plates.  size-wise, it’s without a doubt compact and is made for countertop.

As a smaller model, it has lower wattage than large devices.  The wattage is 700 which does the process, but a few humans file it does take a piece longer to get the process performed compared to more effective microwaves.

It includes 4 preset options, which isn’t a lot, however then it’s a affordable, compact unit which you’re not buying for all of the bells and whistles.  in case you’re a microwave energy consumer, this isn’t for you.  If, however, you defrost, reheat and consume microwave popcorn and need a mini microwave, this is a superb option.

height: 10.3 inches depth: 14.1 inches feet.: zero.7 seven hundred

Compact microwave by OsterFor a little microwave, this unit offers lots of capabilities including 6 cooking presets, digital timer, removable glass turntable, interior mild and a child lock.

The chrome steel and black color scheme will suit in maximum kitchens.

This unit is designed for countertop use and because of its compact length, it will suit in reasonably small areas and nooks i your kitchen.

Key characteristic it’s lacking:  A one-contact 30 2d and 60 2nd option.  I should accept as true with different clients that this is a pleasant microwave feature that have to be wellknown on all fashions – huge and small.

this doesn't double as a convection oven.

top: depth: 12.75 inches ft.: 0.7 seven-hundred

Compact countertop RCA microwave oven.the scale, specs and features with this version are very similar to the compact Oster unit above.  here all of it is in in one sentence:

You get a pitcher turntable, toddler lock choice, 6 cooking presets and digital timer. Even the charge is comparable.

for this reason, in case you need an all black model, this would be for you.  If you want the stainless-steel look, go for Oster.

FYI, this unit is a huge dealer with a respectable universal average score.

height: 10.3 Width: 17.8 inches intensity: 14.1 inches feet.: zero.7 seven hundred

Compact Westinghouse .7 cu. ft. microwave.It’s beginning to sound like a damaged document right here, however here’s any other similarly priced microwave as as the RCA and Oster gadgets above that pretty a lot gives the exact identical functions which incorporates 10 powers stages, 6 preset cooking options (popcorn, pizza, defrost, potato, liquids and reheating), digital timer, turntable, and toddler-lock.  Even the dimensions are very, very similar (absolutely the dimensions will be similar with all featured microwaves on this page due to the fact they’re all compact fashions).

in contrast to Oster above, the door in this unit opens by pushing a button.  whether that’s better or no longer is non-public taste.  I decide on it, however i can see the appeal of a large cope with too.

peak: 10.3 inches zero inches depth: 14.three inches ft.: zero.8 Wattage: seven-hundred

Windowless stainless steel small microwave by Avanti Products.while this microwave popped up for the duration of my research, I needed to appearance twice.  It’s simply a unique design with a solid chrome steel the front.  It looks as if a large vibrant dice with a virtual interface at the side.

this is a microwave you need for a current kitchen layout that’s smooth and present day.  the lack of window to view inner is distinctive and won’t work in each kitchen, however could be very cool in some kitchens.

With admire to capabilities, it offers the identical fleet you’d assume from smaller microwaves which includes 10 strength ranges, 6 cooking presets, turntable and baby lock.

One distinction with this unit compared to most others on this page is that that is .8 cu. ft. indoors yet is compact in usual size.

peak: 10.thirteen intensity: 12.88 inches ft.: 0 Wattage: seven hundred

Small white microwave with express cook feature by Garrisonespecially this is not a large dealer (primarily based on only a few patron critiques… it can sell well however no longer garner a variety of reviews) because it has one function many other similar microwaves don’t have and that is 1 to six minute express cook options.  that is a large convenience that many microwave users like and use all the time (me covered).  It comes with the alternative widespread capabilities inclusive of turntable, toddler lock, 10 strength options and 6 cooking presets.

furthermore, this unit consists of a convection oven, something many different further priced units do no longer offer.

With admire to length, this is one of the most compact microwaves on our list.

eventually, this is a white microwave that may blend in properly in a white kitchen (which is a famous kitchen colour).

top: 10.125 inches depth: 13 cu. feet.: 0 Wattage: seven-hundred

Under cabinet mounted or countertop microwave by GEfinally a microwave with what appears to be ordinary dimensions ending in five or no decimal point at all.  while studying dozens and dozens of microwaves,  i was surprised at the extraordinary measurement numbers for maximum units.  I understand it doesn’t really matter, however in case you’re designing a product on the way to promote heaps of devices, it appears to me you’d supply it dimensions that don’t end in .38 (for example).

besides, this version is each a countertop and underneath-cupboard set up version that is first-rate, mainly in case you want a small unit established beneath a cabinet.  That said, you pay for it due to the fact this is pretty a piece greater steeply-priced that most of the alternative microwaves right here.

moreover, this microwave is likewise a convection oven, that is splendid due to the fact that effectively offers you a further oven on your kitchen (albeit a small one).

nice feature: One-touch immediate operation so you can set it for 30 seconds via pushing one button (and upload 30 seconds with the equal button).  this is a very a good deal favored characteristic that truely should be preferred irrespective of rate.

otherwise, the features are the standard – 10 strength degrees, 6 cooking presets, turntable and infant lock.

height intensity: 12.seventy five cu. feet.: 0.7 seven hundred

Compact express cook microwave by GEI like the look of this unit.  whilst some human beings have reported that they examine it may be established under a cupboard, it can't until you start drilling your personal holes.  in the end, something may be hooked up anywhere in case you understand what you’re doing and have the right tools… however if you’re searching out a unit that is designed to be established under cabinetry, look for something else.

This unit comes with the standard fare consisting of 10 strength levels, 6 preset cooking options, turntable and baby-lock.

but, you furthermore may have the option to explicit cook with this, which for the rate, is an advantage characteristic.  This by myself would be a function that would convince me to buy one unit over every other all else being same (that is the case amongst many microwaves).

peak: 10.2 inches 3 inches intensity: 12.8 inches toes.: 0.7 seven hundred

Apartment-sized black microwave with instant 30 second start cookWe’re on a roll here.  that is some other very reasonably priced microwave (I’m amazed how inexpensive these things are) that incorporates the same old functions for a smaller model PLUS the handy “30 seconds” on the spot begin characteristic.  I don’t think I’ve used our microwave by means of now not using the instant start button (but then I primarily warmth food up handiest).

The included ceramic turntable is 10 inches in diameter.

And get this, it doesn’t have 10 electricity levels; it has 11 power tiers – one-upping maximum other compact models.

while it hasn’t acquired hundreds of purchaser evaluations, the batch it does have are excellent with a completely high average.

peak Width: 17.6 inches depth cu. toes.: zero Wattage: seven hundred

Attractive red retro mini microwave oven by DaewooWith this cool-looking mini microwave, you get something others don’t provide, but additionally depart some functions on the table.

What don’t you get?  handiest five strength levels and handiest 4 preset cooking options (maximum come with 10 strength stages and six preset cooking options).

What do you get?  First and important you get this tremendous cool design.  i really like it (although I’m a sucker for pink in indoors design).  no longer most effective does it accessory your kitchen with bright purple, however the form, traces and design is well executed in a unfashionable manner.

you also get the 30 2d instantaneous prepare dinner button.  based totally on how i exploit microwaves, I decide on the 30 2nd vehicle cook button over a few more energy tiers or cooking presets.

but permit’s face it, the cause you purchase this is as it’s small and because of the manner it looks.

Oh yeah, the client comments is truely good to, it’s now not simply a pleasing searching microwave.

height: thirteen inches depth cu. feet.: zero Wattage: seven hundred

Dorm friendly microwave oven by FrigidaireThis model is available in white or black.  i really like the black layout; I’m now not so wild about the white version.  In fact, given the price and respectable characteristic set, the cool black design is one I’d want to have if I didn’t have chrome steel home equipment.  that is a amazing looking microwave for any kitchen black appliances.

What makes this layout so cool is how the glass within the door is sort of a tray ceiling.  The deal with is built into the indented tray.  It’s certainly smart.  It gives this gadget a depth to it; nearly an optical phantasm.  Very clever door design.  I suppose this cool impact is misplaced on the white version.

any other bonus is this also has the 30 2nd immediately cook dinner button.

however, it falls brief to comparable models listed above with best 4 one-contact options.  It suits fashionable offerings with 10 strength tiers.

Assuming you need or want a small microwave, any on our listing must serve you properly.  remember the fact that these devices are not as powerful as larger models.  It’s additionally important to remember the fact that compact manner compact.  even as it’s exquisite to keep space, sometimes sacrificing space for a bigger equipment is really worth it, mainly in case you use your microwave appreciably.

at the give up of the day, parent out exactly which features you need.  Do you want a convection oven as properly?  The 30 second on the spot cook dinner function?  Is design critical and if so, which layout would look nice in your kitchen?

those are the important thing concerns to preserve in mind.

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