Wonderful! How To Create A Coastal Christmas Tree Skirt With Driftwood

Wonderful! How To Create A Coastal Christmas Tree Skirt With Driftwood

happy excursion season!!  i'm hoping all my US buddies had a splendid Thanksgiving weekend filled with true food, own family, and tons of laziness.  As plenty as we desired to get a head start on our decorations this year, we're simply now beginning to put matters up…jury is still out on the way it’ll maintain as much as an eight month antique although but we will nevertheless attempt!

remaining 12 months I had the harebrained concept to apply a crap ton of my beloved driftwood portions to make a brand new Christmas tree skirt.  The 34749 hot glue burns had been absolutely really worth it because they have become a showstopper that attracts together our coastal Christmas fashion flawlessly!  It’s truely a in reality easy component to make, just be ready to end up quality buddies with your hot glue gun :)

There without a doubt is only a few components to make this, however you’ll need to have a large location to unfold out and work in.  Who desires their living room ground anyway?

I selected to go along with the plastic hex netting as opposed to steel chickenwire like I originally deliberate because a) it would be lots safer to work with, take care of, and save, b) it'd be more bendy and lay flatter, c) I could use regular scissors to reduce it rather than steel snips, and d) it flexes sufficient to partially roll for storage.  simply see what your nearby store has or test on-line and go with whichever length mesh you’d like to use.

beneath is a quick video from last yr of the system of setting this beast together:

I used three′ wide netting in an effort to err at the aspect of warning I made my skirt as massive as I should, three′ wide 1/2 circles, to get a visual of the way large that could be, as I could cut it down later if wanted.  those guidelines are written for creating a skirt this length, obviously you could put off some steps if the diameter you want fits onto the width of the mesh.

To make the circle even, tie twine to a chunk of chalk then stretch the cord to the opposite edge of the netting and tie it off.  Then mark the netting in a semi-circle while preserving the twine taut, then reduce it out with the scissors.  Lay this first segment over the netting  and hint it with the chalk to make your different 1/2.  reduce a small opening in each portions so that they’ll match around the tree trunk, then tie your two pieces collectively with small pieces of twine.

right here is what you’ll come to be with after the ones steps:

If we had a larger living location, i would have totally kept the skirt this size on the grounds that I constantly want to nevertheless see the skirt after presents, but for our area it turned into first-rate to downscale a little so I reduce it down through a foot or so the use of the equal chalk technique.  if you start out understanding how massive your skirt wishes to be you can be greater efficient than me and simply cut your halves to the dimensions you want.

Now you need to add the felt to the mesh so you’ll have greater floor place to glue the driftwood to.  Lay your felt down then put the netting over it and reduce it to size, consisting of the middle tree trunk circle.  To cozy the felt, carefully(!) use the tapestry needle and cord to tie it in more than one places to the mesh.  I felt that tying as opposed to gluing it down would keep up better after use and garage.  Oh, and also you genuinely need a metallic tapestry needle, the plastic one I started out out with bent and in the end broke.

Tie the felt down in scattered locations in order that it’s relaxed, then reduce a slit in one side of the circle in order that the skirt will slide on over the trunk.

here’s what you become with, your blank slate for all.the.driftwood!

i love the look of massive quite bows tying a tree skirt on so I introduced three strips of ribbon along the slit.  simply cut some holes in a few locations and thread a few large quite ribbon thru then tie them how you would really like.  This ribbon-threading step is much less complicated to do  now earlier than there's wooden on top of the skirt, you’ll tie them whilst it’s all finished.

Now it’s time to begin including all that pretty wooden!  I separated my portions into 3 one of a kind lengths then laid them out at the skirt with the larger/longer portions towards the rims and smaller ones close to the trunk, but you could use anything sample or technique you’d like of path.

if you’re meticulous and an over-planner like me, you may play around with your pieces to look how they are able to match collectively earlier than gluing them down, otherwise glue as you move.  i would paintings in sections about a food wide, gluing down once I had them in the positions I wanted.  attempt to get as plenty flue touch as feasible in order that they’re securely in region. recall, have masses of more glue sticks on hand, you'll want a ton!  Fill in around and beneath the ribbon regions as quality you can.

I noticeably recommend setting the skirt down AFTER you have decorated the whole tree to preserve from having to hoover all of the little needles that fall while you’re operating on the tree (glaringly, I did the alternative…).

Now you have got a stunning and specific coastal Christmas tree skirt that is positive to affect, what a assertion piece, right?!

For storing after the vacations, I cautiously loosely roll/fold the skirt up and if any portions do come unfastened I just glue them backpedal.

So, I’m sure we can all be in agreement that this takes my driftwood-obsession to an all new excessive, however I’m no longer even ashamed.  i'm able to’t wait to put it down and beautify this year!  although I’m certain it’s going to be completely covered with items this yr since it’s little man’s first Christmas ;)

warm glue gun


tapestry needle

driftwood pieces

hex fence

felt fabric

percentage this!

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